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غير مقروء 18-03-07, 04:51 PM
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تاريخ التسجيل: Mar 2018
المدينه: Team building in Egypt|
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افتراضي High ropes Course |Ropes Courses | 360 Experiential Solutions:

Staying fit and healthy does not have to be boring. Forget jogging in the park or swimming at your local pool, it is time to try something different to get you out of the house and getting some exercise. High ropes course is one of the best ways to do mental & Physical exercise in a fun & adventurous way!
Why 360 Experiential Solutions High Ropes Course?

• It is the 1st High Ropes Course in a hotel in MEA region; we provide both Adventure & Luxury Service.

• We are in the heart of Cairo in Novotel Cairo Airport Hotel. No need to travel long distances, we bring Adventure close to you!

• It is the safest among all Ropes Courses in the Region because of the fully automated systems that we use.

High rope courses are a fun and exciting way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

• Your body will benefit from an all-round workout while navigating a high ropes course, and here is what to expect:

1. You will raise your heart rate significantly while overcoming the obstacles on a high rope course, and the element of risk will raise make your heart make even faster.
2. Your upper body strength will improve with regular sessions on a high rope course, and this is where most of the work takes place.
3. Your hands, arms, and shoulders will all be aching after your first time, but your muscle strength will improve dramatically over the space of just a couple of months if you take on a high ropes course twice a week.
4. Being high up in the air, you will need to stay focused, balanced, and concentrate on completing the obstacle at hand. Your balancing muscles are located in your back, abdominals, and along your spine, and many recreational activities overlook these muscle groups. Strong core muscles will help you to stay flexible, injury-free, and well balanced.

You can find more about us by visiting our website:
Egypt Office:
Address: 21 Amarat Sharara, Nasr City 2nd floor, Apt #23 Cairo, Egypt.
Landline: +2 24718464
Mobile: +2 01223575508
Fax: +2 26443662
Email: Info@360Solutionsegypt.com
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