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Hunting in Egypt Information about hunting in Egypt, Guides, Equipments and Ideas.

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Smile Kinds of Air rifles

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Choosing an Air-Rifle
There are two considerations to bear in mind when you buy an airgun - what you are going to use it for, and how much you can afford to spend!
Airguns are normally used in three ways - hunting, target shooting and plinking. There are also three main types of airguns.
Spring Air-rifles
The spring gun consists of a smooth walled cylinder which contains a tightly sealed piston and a powerful spring. When the gun is cocked the piston is drawn back, this compresses the spring, which is held by a trigger mechanism. When the trigger is pulled, the spring forces the piston forwards, compressing the air in the cylinder. The air escapes into the barrel and drives the pellet ahead of it through and out of the barrel towards the target.
There are two ways in which the spring can be cocked. The first is by a lever mounted below the barrel, the second is by using the barrel itself as the cocking lever. The latter are known as a break-barrel gun. Some shooters prefer a gun with a separate cocking lever and fixed barrel, some prefer a break-barrel arrangement. Both types can be up to the 12ft lb maximum allowed without a fire arms certificate.
Loading the pellet on a break-barrel rifle is done by simply inserting the pellet directly into the breech, while some sort of loading tap or sliding block arrangement will be needed on guns with a fixed barrel.
Pre-charged Air-rifles
CO2 and pneumatic airguns work on entirely different lines to the familiar spring guns, although the end result is much the same - a pellet being pushed out of the barrel by carbon dioxide or air pressure. The difference lies in the fact that they do not use a spring to compress air, but have gas or air already compressed in a chamber or bottle attached to the gun.
One of the advantages of pneumatic or gas powered weapons is that they can be left charged for long periods and are therefore constantly ready for use. This is a particular advantage when stalking animals which might be alerted by the sound of a hunter cocking a spring rifle. The other main advantages of these weapons are that they are practically recoilless and can be made to fire very quietly.
The basic requirements in a rifle which will be used for any kind of hunting are accuracy and power. You will need to be a good shot to make a clean kill at a distance of more than 40 yards even with the best of rifles and no responsible sportsman will take a shot at any live quarry which he is not sure of killing humanely.
Which calibre, .22 or .177, is better for hunting is not easily answered. There are arguments in favour of both, .22 having the edge in terms of hitting power while the .177's higher velocity and flatter trajectory make it easier to use at long range. There has long been a bias in this country towards the .22 calibre for sporting use. Ideally, it would obviously be best to have both a .22 and a .177 in your armoury, but if you can afford only one gun and you are likely to be taking part in some target shooting at your local club, it is worth knowing that a .177 may be required.
Target Pistols
Target shooting pistols and rifles are normally lower power but are extremely accurate. This tends to make them expensive a little specialist. The best way to buy your gun is to visit a reputable gun shop. It is advisable to buy an airgun from a gun shop because they will have knowledgeable staff to guide you, a wide selection for you to choose from and are able to provide satisfactory after sales service.
One question we are regularly asked is "What air pistol can I use for vermin?" The answer is none! They do not have enough power to kill humanely at anything over very short range and are difficult to shoot accurately.
The choices available for someone buying a target rifle are far fewer. For a start, only the .177 calibre is allowed and, if target shooting is to be taken seriously, an expensive recoilless weapon is essential. The situation in target air pistol shooting is much the same. Once again, the recoilless pistols are also expensive.
The last type of airgun shooting to be considered is plinking. This can be the widest choice of all when it comes to choosing a weapon. The simple reason is that almost any airgun can be used for informal shooting at makeshift and fun targets.
If you are buying an airgun for plinking which you do not think you will use for any other purpose, there is no need to spend a lot of money. You do not need sensational accuracy or terrific power - just a gun which will propel a pellet hard enough to leave its mark on a target and accurately enough to make hitting the target easier than relying on luck.
Remember there are lots of airguns on the market, enough to satisfy every shooter and the biggest problem is the bewildering number of makes and models to choose from. With a little help and advice you should be able to buy the right weapon for you and one which will give you years of reliable service.
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Okay from what I read and heard it is illegal to shoot any type of rifle in your own backyard? Where do I legally shoot my air rifle? Shooting range? I dont think so. I have real guns for that. If anyone knows especially in San Diego city area please let me know.

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